Astaxanthin- “Super Anti-oxidant

Sometimes it seems that every health product wants to claim that it has some sort of antioxidant properties. While those claims may be a stretch with some products, they're 100% on the up and up with natural astaxanthin which has been called the "World's Strongest Antioxidant" because it is 550 times stronger than Vitamin E and 10 times stronger than beta-carotene.

Since an oxidative imbalance in the body is believed to be a root cause of many disorders and diseases including Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, as well as heart disease and stroke, it is essential that the body have the ability to restore its natural order in order to combat the appearance of these conditions. And that's what astaxanthin does, but that's not all it does.

Astaxanthin has also been found to be effective in protecting the skin from the effects of ultraviolet light, lessen age-related macular degeneration and enhancing the body's immune system.

The body is a complex machine and it's often difficult for the average person to see the cause and effect relationship between disease and what we put into our bodies. For example, carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, are known to have anti-carcinogenic properties due to their antioxidant effects.

Research shows that not only does the body absorb Astaxanthin better than any other carotenoids, but the compound actually delivers its antioxidant benefits directly to the brain, eyes and nervous system, as well as the rest of the body, because unlike beta-carotene it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Astaxanthin is an effective sport recovery aid due to its ability to help joints and muscles rebound after intense workouts. Speaking of sports, in this time of increased illegal steroids usage it's good to know that 100% legal and natural Astaxanthin has been shown to increase endurance and stamina.

So, what's the best way to reap the benefits of Astaxanthin? Many people use all natural Stazen brand Astaxanthin extract. Taken in capsule form, it provides all of the health-related benefits of Astaxanthin plus it is specially formulated to help recycle other antioxidants such as Vitamin E, beta carotene, lycopene and glutathione.

Each soft gel capsule contains just the right balance of natural astaxanthin, Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), Lutein, GE-free safflower oil, BSE-free gelatin and glycerin. People with food allergies will be happy to know that the product is free from wheat, gluten, milk derivatives, yeast, sugar, artificial colour, flavour and preservatives.

Stazen is the most effective way to introduce your body to the benefits of Astaxanthin and its unmatched ability to supercharge the disease-fighting power of antioxidants.

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